The connective economy will be the main driving force behind all digital experiences delivered by business to both its internal and external customers.

dataBridges enables the real-time integration of your legacy, backends, clouds and digital apps to share events enterprise wide.

Having events available on a trust-safe network simplifies the architecture required to deliver innovative digital experiences to customers.

Connected applications

Connect your data sources and applications (both in-house and in cloud) using dataBridges library to form a collaborative application ecosystem.

Event-Driven Applications

Easily incorporate real-time event-driven messaging into your applications allowing your existing systems and backend participate in new digital services.

Everything plugs into trust-safe realtime messaging platform

Web and mobile applications have become the interfaces for customer interactions. Reduce the complexity, cost and timeframe to bring out new
digital services by plugging into the trust-safe realtime messaging platform.

Real-time API's

Instantly push data to your applications. Create new realtime API and at the same time augment your existing API with realtime capability using dataBridges.

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