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Lets 'Hello World'

We have created a set of super simple sample programs for you to take dataBridges for a spin. These programs should not take much to your time and allows you to decide how simple the api's are. 

We have sample programs in all our SDK languages.

Python | NodeJs | JavaScript for browsers | .Net | Swift for iOS | Java for Android 

Publish and Subscribe

Code a Pub/Sub app to publish 'greetings ' message. The app will also receive the greetings message from other app instances. We can run 100's of these pub/sub app instances. Each of them will send a single greeting message and will receive greetings from all the other app instances. 

Python | NodeJs | JavaScript for browsers | .Net | Swift for iOS | Java for Android

Call and Response 

Code a simple Math server app called Tutor exposing math functions and an app called Student using these math functions. We can run 100's of these Student app instances and they will consume the Tutor's math functions. Run multiple Tutor app instances and dataBridges network will automagically load balance :) the Tutor apps load.

Python | NodeJs | JavaScript for browsers | .Net | Swift for iOS | Java for Android


Now that you have got a hang of our super simple dataBridges sdk's, you can deep-dive into important concepts and check out our extensive documentation.

Native language libraries gives you the edge in terms of stability, speed and security.
Channels (Pub / Sub)

Channels allows your apps and devices to exchange mission critical messages realtime in a trust-safe manner. Public, Private, Presence and System channel types gives you design and deploy brilliant realtime application without sacrificing security. 

RPC (Call / Response)

RPC feature provide reliable two-way messaging between multiple endpoints allowing you to build sophisticated asynchronous interactions. We have taken great efforts to deliver high quality sdk's that perform brilliantly on high load as well. 

Trust Tokens

Trust Token is the most important and core feature of dataBridges. Applications should be able to trust the source of the messages it receives and at the same time trust that the messages it sends is only delivered to trusted participants. This trust is delivered using trust-tokens.

Client Functions

Client function is a special purpose messaging service that allows you to implement command and control systems. 

Key Management Portal

We have a simple portal where you can create new dbApps (applications) and manage keys.


We will be working on add-on applications that supports and enhances dataBridges usage. We have released NaCL wrapper library. dataBridges NACL wrapper gives you a simple write and read function using implementation of the secretbox encryption standard defined in NaCl.

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