Business plans are delivered using private real-time messaging platform
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Business 3K


3000 concurrent connections | 150 million messages 

Business 5K


5000 concurrent connections | 250 million messages 

Business 7K


7000 concurrent connections | 350 million messages

Business 10K


10000 concurrent connections | 500 million messages

Build Your Own Plan

Our realtime experts are always available to assist you with your plan configuration.

Cost per 1000 concurrent connections and 50M messages per month: $30.

Additional 1M messages at $2.

How do we count messages?

- Every message published is counted as a single message.
- Every message received is counted as a single message. For example if a client published a message to a channel with 10 attached clients, then the count will be 1 message published and 10 messages received, totalling to 11 messages.

- Client side filtering does not effect on message counting. All event messages published on a channel will be received by all the client subscribing to that channel.
- Client can connect to a channel if its wish to only publish channel messages and not receive any message itself.

Each client connected to Presence (prs:) channel will receive participant joined / left message. This is for the client to build its presence indicator.

Let us take a following example of a presence channel with 10 clients already subscribed and 11th client subscribing.

- 10 clients will receive message about the 11th client joining. ( 10 message consumed)
- 11th client joining will receive message from 10 clients indicating they have already joined. (10 consumed)

In our above example total message consumed by a client joining presence channel is 20. For bigger channel, the number of messages that will be utilised will be exponential. 

Presence channel is a powerful feature for implementing message indicators. You can always connect with our realtime experts to devise a practical presence implementation approach.

- Every call from RPC client (caller) to RPC Server (Callee) consumes 2 messages.
- Every response by RPC server (Callee) to RPC client (Caller) consumes 2 message.
- If RPC server (Callee) enable response tracker, it will consume 1 message.

- Unary RPC: the client sends a single request and receives a single response.
           - without response tracker will consume 4 messages.
           - with response tracker will consume 5 messages.
- Server streaming RPC: the client sends a single request and in return, the server sends a stream of messages.
           - 2 messages  consumed for RPC call + (2 * N) messages consumed for each response sent + ( 1 * N) message consumed
             by response tracker for each response sent.

Business account billing

Our minimum contract period for business account is 1 month payable at the start of billing cycle.

We understand unexpected spikes can happen and we maintain buffer to manage the unexpected spike. If we observe consistent over-usage, we will alert you and you will need to review your usage and upgrade to higher plan. The system will block over-usage once appropriate notification is sent to you.

We will work with you to help you change your plan in middle of the billing cycle. We would want you to have a frictionless experience with dataBridges. We also understand the dynamic nature of requirement and try our best to align to your business need.

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