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100 concurrent connections | 100K messages per day | 3 million messages bundled.

How do we count messages?

- Every message published is counted as a single message.
- Every message received is counted as a single message. For example if a client published a message to a channel with 10 attached clients, then the count will be 1 message published and 10 messages received, totalling to 11 messages.

- Client side filtering does not effect on message counting. All event messages published on a channel will be received by all the client subscribing to that channel.
- Client can connect to a channel if its wish to only publish channel messages and not receive any message itself.

Each client connected to Presence (prs:) channel will receive participant joined / left message. This is for the client to build its presence indicator.

Let us take a following example of a presence channel with 10 clients already subscribed and 11th client subscribing.

- 10 clients will receive message about the 11th client joining. ( 10 message consumed)
- 11th client joining will receive message from 10 clients indicating they have already joined. (10 consumed)

In our above example total message consumed by a client joining presence channel is 20. For bigger channel, the number of messages that will be utilised will be exponential. 

Presence channel is a powerful feature for implementing message indicators. You can always connect with our realtime experts to devise a practical presence implementation approach.

- Every call from RPC client (caller) to RPC Server (Callee) consumes 2 messages.
- Every response by RPC server (Callee) to RPC client (Caller) consumes 2 message.
- If RPC server (Callee) enable response tracker, it will consume 1 message.

- Unary RPC: the client sends a single request and receives a single response.
           - without response tracker will consume 4 messages.
           - with response tracker will consume 5 messages.
- Server streaming RPC: the client sends a single request and in return, the server sends a stream of messages.
           - 2 messages  consumed for RPC call + (2 * N) messages consumed for each response sent + ( 1 * N) message consumed
             by response tracker for each response sent.

Developer account FAQ

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